FARGO Lodging - Mohegan Sun

Hotel Information:

Hotel rates are **LOWER** than last year:

*** Remember 2 queen beds are $20 additional to rate shown.***

Sky Tower is the original hotel. Earth Tower is the new hotel that opened in November 2016. Both hotels share the same registration desk. The Sky elevators are a 2 minute walk and the Earth elevators are a 1 minute walk from the registration desk area.

Wed 10/16/19; Thu 10/17/19; Sun 10/20/18:
Earth Tower King $99
Sky Tower King $149

Fri 10/18/19; Sat 10/19/19:
Earth Tower King $159 (lower than last year's $179)
Sky Tower King $249

To book a room at the FARGO rates shown above, please click here.

Here is my standard room bock information -

If you are thinking of attending FARGO, please book a room now. It is far easier to cancel the room than find a room once the block closes. I do not yet know when the block closes, and I will let you know as soon as I do. If you book a room and do not register for FARGO, your room will be canceled. If you are booking a room in Uncle George's name because he's a r00ler but he's not registered for FARGO, please let me know, so I do not cancel the room. If you can get a better rate as a regular player, please do so. The block is limited in the number of rooms available. If the block gets full, I can ask nicely for additional rooms, but I cannot guarantee that rooms will be added.