What is FARGO?

Fall Annual Recreational Gambling Outing (FARGO), founded in 1997 by Bill Alan Hafey, is a regional poker based event, loosely patterned after BARGE and ATLARGE. "Regional" meaning FARGO takes place in the Northeast region. We welcome people from anywhere on the planet.

Originally, FARGO was held at Foxwoods Resort Casino and the F in FARGO stood for Foxwoods. In 2014, FARGO was moved to Mohegan Sun Resort Casino and the F was changed to Fall.

ARG Traditions

ARG traditions are plentiful. The most popular ones are clapping when someone busts out and bust out gifts. When you hear the group clapping, that generally means someone has busted out of the event. The clapping is a show of respect for the person who busted. A bust out gift is a small gift that some players give to the person that busted them. Sometimes, the gift is something regionally available from their home area, it also may be gambling related or just something fun.

Some of the bust out gifts I've seen are police tape toilet paper (because it must have been a crime that the giver was busted), fish-related items such as candies, fridge magnets and trinkets, and casino chips from local or defunct casinos. Rick "Fred Garvin" Becker likes to give a slot ticket worth $0.01 (sometimes as high as $0.10) to the person that busts him. If you would like to read more about ARG traditions, please read the BARGE Glossary.