Fall Annual Recreational Gambling Outing

FARGO 2020 is now eFARGO 2020!

As you may have noticed, the crazy COVID situation is making playing live poker very difficult – especially since Mohegan Sun has not reopened the poker room yet. I say yet because I really want them to reopen, and I'm not sure when that will happen. Because of that.... I've had to rethink FARGO and how we can still play and socialize. You may know that BARGE was changed to eBARGE this year. Cliff Matthews, long time BARGEr and computer genius, has been developing a poker platform called mb2. It was used to host the eBARGE games, and Cliff has graciously offered to host eFARGO games as well. What does this mean? You will need a free account (the only kind available) on mb2 to play eFARGO events. You will need to enter your mb2 user name in the FARGO registration page when you register. This will prevent random people from playing in our events – just like the real FARGO.

Here's what you can do – go register for mb2 at devctm.com. Choose a nickname and a password that you won't forget. There is currently no way to remind you what your password is, so seriously, don't forget it. Read the mb2 Primer that I stole from Chris Mecklin's email to the BARGE list earlier this summer. Play some games at mb2. Start some tournaments and post to the list.

Full disclosure – the software is in development. It is not beautiful to look at with a fancy user interface. It is rudimentary. If you've played WRGPT, it will have some similar function. We are using this software because not all states allow play on PokerStars. Even if we exclude all of those players who cannot play on the play money site (and I don't want to exclude anyone – all poker players matter), there would still be issues like – do I have enough play chips to enter the events? There is no way to play our Pairs event on PokerStars – and Cliff is willing to make it work with mb2.

All of the eFARGO events will be played with mb2 Fun Money. The bounties in the NLHE event will be paid with Fun Money. The only *real* money will be for the registration fee, which is $15 this year. This fee will cover the costs of the embroidered jackets for the event winners and will fortify the FARGO Fund for future FARGO events.

As Cliff has said, eFARGO will be the best worst FARGO ever!

eFARGO 2020 Schedule:

Friday, October 16, 2020 noon (12 pm) - Bill Alan Memorial Pairs Event
Saturday, October 17, 2020 noon (12 pm) - NLHE with Bounty
Sunday, October 18, 2020 noon (12 pm) - HOSER (Hold’em, Omaha8, Stud, stud Eight or better, and action Razz)

FossilMan Heads Up Event - Cliff is working on this. I will have more information as we approach eFARGO. The registration page will have this event, and the date and time are TBD.

Questions? Write to me at tracy (at) thebeckers (dot) com.

Ready to register? Visit the registration page!


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