Fall Annual Recreational Gambling Outing

FARGO 2021

Hello my loyal, Royal subjects!

Great news! FARGO2021 is happening - live and in person at Mohegan Sun from October 15-17, 2021.

This year will be a “poker room only” series of events. We are not confirmed for our private $5 craps tables but we may be able to play privately on the electronics craps tables. The buffet is not yet open, so we will not be able to have our Saturday morning group breakfast.

The schedule of events:

Friday 10/15 noon Pairs event
Saturday 10/16 11am NLHE event
11:59pm Midnight Madness
Sunday 10/17 11am Mixed event HOSE

Hotel rates in the Earth Tower are available from Thursday to Sunday at the following rates:

10/14 30 rooms $99
10/15 50 rooms $249
10/16 50 rooms $249
10/17 30 rooms $99

As you can see, there are a limited number of rooms. Please book now if you think you might be coming. It is always easier to cancel than to find a room the week before. I apologize for the Fri/Sat rates. It is the 25th anniversary of Mohegan Sun, which is celebrated the entire month of October.

Click Here to book a room.

Registration will open near-ish the end of August.

Hope to see you at the tables!


Notifications on details, registration opening, and general information are posted to the FARGO mailing list. To subscribe to the FARGO mailing list, please visit:

FARGO Mailing List

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